seblaine drabble by stardustgifts


Sebastian is going to coax Blaine into riding him reverse cowboy one night, with the smooth, long line of Blaine’s back there for Bas to run his hands up and down. He’s propped up on the pillow while Blaine spreads his thighs wider and keens at a particularly good thrust of Sebastian’s hips up into him. And Bas curses beneath his breath, “Fuck, taking my cock so well.” Blaine tilts his head back to stare at Sebastian over his shoulder, and his eyes are hooded, pupils blown wide and mouth shiny and open in a perfect ‘o’ around another moan. The image of Blaine’s face half-hidden by shadows is so beautiful and unexpected that Sebastian stutters for a moment, hip bones biting into the fleshiest parts of Blaine’s ass cheeks and throwing him forward onto one hand. The movement causes his back to curve down in a gorgeous dip, hips tilting up and spreading to reveal Blaine’s hole so prettily held open by Sebastian’s thick cock, the puckered, red rim fluttering around him. Sebastian drops his head back, tightens his fingers on Blaine’s hips and starts up a brutal, punishing rhythm fucking into him until the whole room is filled with the muted thud of their skin smacking together. It’s enough to watch Blaine’s ass ripple in little waves and quiver with each sharp thrust to have Sebastian coming deep and hot inside of Blaine. He holds him down while Blaine whines with his need to come. His balls are drawn up tight, his cock aches and twitches with each messy spurt of come painting the insides of him while Bas tries to catch his breath. Blaine mewls, soft and pathetic, but he doesn’t get a chance to wrap his fingers around himself because he’s being dragged back roughly until Sebastian’s chin is bumping into his perineum and suddenly there’s a tongue in his ass and lapping hungrily at the come beginning to leak out. Blaine cries out and drops his head to mouth at Sebastian’s hip, twitching his ass back and riding Sebastian’s mouth with each prod of his tongue along his inner walls. He wraps his lips a little around the rim of Blaine’s stretched out hole and sucks until Blaine is choking on his own cries, pleading for Sebastian to touch him, please please touch him.



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