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*flits around and drops pornlets as I go* Ickle Blaine with his nice fat ass all red and spanked and his bp full of come with a nice fat dildo sticking slightly out of it as he waddles back over to the bed and to where Cooper and Kurt are waiting for him and round five…

now you’ve got my weight!kink going on, and I’m imagining Blaine as a beautiful young concubine. except he was so poorly treated back in his home kingdom that he is very happy when his brother, Ser Cooper, concedes in war to the fair and just King Burt. Blaine is a gift to the young prince Kurt, who is as fair-minded as his father and gives Cooper full and uninhibited access to his brother. both young Anderson lords and their subjects are far happier under the dominion of one truly good King. 

Blaine is naturally timid, small and submissive, and he has never been happier in his life than having two tall, handsome lords attending to him and taking their pleasure from him. he never wears more than a silk tunic held up by a gold belt, and at feasts he likes to surprise his lords by lifting the tunic up above the thick curves of his ass and presenting to them.

in friendly company, Cooper and Kurt will smack the firm cheeks and let their guests touch and kiss the boy’s warm honey flesh. the young lords who are visiting often anticipate this treat, and bring along chocolates and sweets from their homelands to press between the concubine’s cheeks before licking and eating them up again. this ensures that Blaine is always well-prepared and wet for either of his lords to take him.

if the visitors are rival lords or boorish foreigners contemplating an invasion, Cooper will lift Blaine by the hips onto the table, undo his own breeches and slip beneath him. right there in front of the faces of their ‘guests’, Kurt will mount Blaine from the top and they’ll both take him at the same time. this is particularly fun when the offending guests disapprove of homosexuality, and are forced to watch the penetration without flinching, or else risk offending their hosts.

afterward, they’ll lay Blaine out naked just within reach of the assembled company and feed meats and fruits into his sleepy mouth, showing off their wealth and well-fed property in the form of their fattened, plump-cheeked concubine boy with the wasted seed of two high lords running down his silky thighs. the lords Cooper and Kurt are gratified, knowing that their visitors will return home assured of the boldness and prowess they possess in pleasing and possessing their subordinates. all done in typical cocky manner that makes King Burt roll his eyes.

"Alright alright you two, the rest of us have to eat off this table, you know! Blaine, take the banana out of your ass and have some wine. I think you deserve it."

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