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When Blaine is sitting on the sofa reading a book or studying, Kurt curls up on his lap. He tries to be quiet but soon he just can’t resist pawing at the string of Blaine’s glasses - Blaine moves suddenly and shrieks because Kurt’s little claws have stopped the incriminated object with a little too much enthusiasm.

askdfksa of course Blaine would wear his reading glasses with that wraparound thing so he can drop them on his chest

maybe this is older!Blaine, in his 50s, and he’s adopted a bp!kittenboy to keep him company…

he was warned by the staff that 16 year-old Kurt was a bit of a handful, and often very mischievous and willful. but Blaine had simply smiled and said that he wanted someone to liven up his lonely old brownstone house after a day’s lecturing. and anyway, he hated to see such a beautiful exotic creature cooped up, even in a well-looked after facility. it was a crime not to give him his own territory to claim.

once the payments and papers had gone through, the door to Kurt’s little room was opened…but the kittenboy simply carried on cleaning his soft, honey-coloured ears thoroughly. after about a minute, he’d stretched leisurely before sauntering out of the door and giving his new owner a sidelong, appraising look. the facility’s employees rolled their eyes, but Blaine just smiled wider than he had in a long time. the kittenboy’s hips swayed as he walked to the exit, and his lush tail swished behind him.  

over the course of a week, Blaine and Kurt developed a very good routine (well, Kurt initiated Blaine into his routine) and Kurt has rubbed his cheeks and whiskers over every square inch of the house, including Blaine. he insisted on cooking all the meals to his liking, as the smell of Blaine’s microwave dinners make him vomit on the antique living room rug in disgust. he rearranged furniture, scratched markings on catalogues for new soft furnishings to be ordered, and shredded a few Ikea cushions that Blaine still had leftover from less financially solvent days.

Blaine understood enough about cat behaviour to know that Kurt needs plenty of time to himself. that Blaine doesn’t need to wait at home with worry when Kurt wanders out on his own. and when Kurt talks, he talks. Kurt also listens, and surprisingly well. sometimes he might plop down on the floor, lift one long pale leg behind his neck and nuzzle inside his cotton boyshorts for an impromptu cleaning while Blaine talks about his students, or complains about a young professor gaining tenure too early…but Blaine doesn’t mind. his eyes may stray from time to time, but the very notion of pressing oneself upon a kittenperson is so morally and socially repugnant that it never even crosses his mind. should a kittenperson decide to bestow their favours on a human or other kittenperson, then so be it. but that is for them to decide. it’s simply the way of things.

fortunately for Blaine, Kurt had approved Blaine as a lover from the moment he stepped into the facility. he’d been keeping himself extra clean - and Blaine extra scented - for just this purpose.

and the night that Blaine came home from work, to a dark house and the scent of sex heavy on the air, he followed the sound of impossibly loud purring up to the bedroom. writhing on his back in a sticky puddle was Blaine’s kittenboy, yowling and pawing the air in front of Blaine to come and join him, little fangs bared and flickering tongue dripping saliva. legs thrown open wide and twisting in the air.

Blaine might not have the knees to do as much dancing as he’d like, and he may grunt a little when bending over to pick up socks that Kurt has decided to throw around the house in a fit of energy.

but milky skin and soft golden brown fur make him feel as if he’s 18 all over again. and considering how hard Kurt intends to work him to achieve perfect satisfaction, it’s just as well.

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