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2012-12-06 14:50

You should paint an American Beauty style Kurt. Covered in rose petals and looking allllluring. Parent Blaine wants to cone cheerio Kurt HARD

2012-12-06 15:02

Tina is Rachel and Blaine’s adopted child and hangs out with Kurt. And when Kurt comes to the house he’s so suggestive around Blaine and riles him up until old Blaine is constantly jacking off to him covered in rose petals in the shower. Then when he finnaly gives in Kurt’s actually just a nervous virgin and it’s hot and amaaaaazing. American Beauty Klaine!!

oh shit.

Kurt’s milky skin, standing out starkly against the blood red of the petals. yeah, I can do that Anon.


and imagine, Only Sane Man Blaine but in his forties. he became closeted since Sadie Hawkins, and is unhappily married with children. he tried to fit into his generic existence, and has had some tiny traces of happiness. but his heart still holds some embers of a burning desire for something sweetly intangible.

he sees that something in sweet 16 cheerleader Kurt Hummel. best friend to his daughter. saucy and sexier than anyone Blaine has ever met, but still virginal and fresh to life. his eyes are so clear and untroubled, and the lingering insecurity in his youth only makes him so much sweeter. and then there’s that not-at-all-secret secret…the reason the boy wears a cheerleader’s skirt and panties and shaves his long legs.

Kurt is instantly drawn to Blaine Anderson’s lightly greying temples, the crinkles of his eyes when he smiles, and the breadth of his strong shoulders beneath suit jackets. he wonders about the thick outline he sometimes sees in the older man’s sweatpants when he’s downstairs exercising.

one day he and Blaine’s daughter have snuck into Blaine’s office, and find his stash of porn. it’s all boys with pussies, and most of them in cheerleader uniforms. Kurt is fucking ecstatic (:

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