Anonymous asked fancyforafeeling: 

2012-11-28 17:59

You know how often people write AU fics where hybrid people are the lesser… like slaves and pets and things? What about an AU where regular humans are less common and are thought of as lower class citizens than hybrids? Write Blaine as the human and Kurt as a kitty!hybrid or some other kind of hybrid. Blaine is the new kid at McKinley, Kurt is immediately fascinated.

I love it! and while everyone else is avoiding Blaine or weirdly sniffing his butt/crotch (Sebastian I’m looking at you), Kurt is immediately drawn to him and starts rubbing his scent all over and purring into Blaine’s touches. it’s the first time Blaine has received affection outside his family (all of whom are hybrids as well, with Cooper as a dashing husky hybrid)