Kurt and Blaine are two private school boyfriends who enlist the sexual advice of Kurt’s neighbor: the older, experienced, and super hot Elliott.

"So like, we’ve finished um…y’know…and then he flips me on my stomach and…"

"Kurt, you’re talking to a man who’s suffering from a 3 month dry spell. You’ve gotta give me some juicy details here. Blaine can whisper it to me if that’ll make it easier!”

Kurt nods, but Blaine’s hand gestures alone have Kurt’s face even redder than before. Especially with the way they both keep looking expressively over at him. Elliott’s eyes widen and he leans back to offer a high five to Blaine who reciprocates proudly.

"Oh my god, don’t high five over me!”

Elliott nearly chokes while Blaine snorts, and they high five again.

Kurt freezes when he realizes the double meaning of what he’s just said. “And I didn’t mean that either!!”

Blaine arches an eyebrow at Kurt. “Like you’ve never thought about it before, c’mon honey.”

Leaning over conspiratorially, Elliott whispers “Y’know if you ever wanna give that a try—”


blaine + loving the heck out of kurt’s neck

angel!Kurt and demon!Blaine AU:

"I told you exactly what I was when we met, Kurt." 

"And I told you that you could never feed from me, and yet you just tried to bite my neck!”

Katie I have no idea if you knew this existed but yeah…bp!Kitty!Kurt in heat, grooming after sex and hating baths with a passion. I am in a better place.



Matt Bomer&Mark Ruffalo  bathhouse scene from “The Normal Heart

klainelookalikes*tumblr*com/post/86713170945 - Blaine and any/all of the men who like touching him.somewhereonlyino


did you ever know that you’re my hero


I just started thinking about Chris or Darren filming themselves fucking the other without showing their faces and then they put it on manhub or something and just totally get off on all these people watching them fuck but not knowing who it really is and idk I just thought I'd share this with you uwu — Anonymous

ahem hi yes hello how do you feel about drawing bp!kurt in a full leather catsuit with his flushed wet pussy all exposed sitting on blaine's face????? bonus points for squirting *_* — Anonymous